Where I Lived: Paris Edition

We are continuing our “Where I Lived” blog series with a Masters of Architecture student currently studying in France. Dre Curtis shows us where he currently lives in Paris.

Dre participates in the Architecture Internships in Paris program, a year long program where students study and intern in Paris.


What kind of housing do you have in Paris?

I live in Cite Universitaire at the Fondation des Etats-Unis. It’s a private student residence and cultural center in Paris. They have over 250 rooms for American and International students. All of the rooms are single occupancy, which is nice! There are study spaces, a library, a concert hall, a computer room, a TV room, a billiards room, and a music room!


What a typical room looks like. 


The library.

What do you like the best about where you live? 

The location! I live in across from the Parc Montsouris in the 14th arrondissement. It’s one of the most desired areas to live in. It’s very easy to get around and explore Paris from here!


What is your least favorite part? 

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. So the majority of things cost an arm and a leg, figuratively speaking of course.

What are some of your favorite memories?

Through the program, we have some excursions planned. I got to go on these trips and excursions with my 9 other KU colleagues in the Masters of Architecture program.



Any advice for student who are trying to decide where to live? 

My only advice would be to do some research. You can do this online and with books, but you get the best advice from the locals! Email some locals and see what they have to say….they know the city better than anyone else!

Thanks, Dre, for showing us where you live. Good luck with the rest of your time abroad!

As always, if you have any questions, email us at osa@ku.edu.