Karen Lewis’ Spring Break in England

Karen Lewis visited the UK as a part of her Humanities and Western Civilization Class.  Applications are being accepted for this program until November 1st, so get your application in soon!


KU students visiting Stonehenge in England.

I cannot say enough great things about my study abroad experience over Spring Break 2012 in London, England.  Originally, I was looking for inexpensive abroad trips that would fit in my budget and as a non-traditional student with multiple family and work commitments besides school, work into my schedule.  I looked at this one because the cost is low, the time away is short, and it allowed me to experience life in another country. Awesome! But an added bonus is that I was able to complete a core class, Western Civilization II in a small class setting conducive to great discussion!

Unlike most other study abroad programs, I met with my travel companions and got to know them months before the trip and having this camaraderie really added to the trip enjoyment.  In addition, the format of our trip allowed for significant individual exploration of London culture.  We gathered daily and took in sights specific to the readings and discussion we had been having.  We learned how the events and attitudes of this country shaped the lives and history of entire civilizations and then had opportunities to seek out sights that appealed to our own interests.

Some of the more memorable day trips we took as a group was the day trip to Canterbury, spending time in the St. Augustine’s Abbey and exploring this town that was once home to Celts, Romans, Jutes before it became the center of the early English Church.  Another day we ate at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a famous pub that was rebuilt in 1667 and favorite haunt of many well-known Londoners like Charles Dickens.  Where we enjoyed the dark atmosphere and tucked into a bit of bangers and mash and imagined Charles writing away in a corner of the room.

There are several other short term trips like this one available through KU and if you’ve ever thought you couldn’t find time or money for a study abroad, I recommend exploring this one!