Alex Lucas — After 2 Months Abroad…


This week marked two months that I have been in Paris, and what an amazing two weeks it has been! I have met some amazing people, both French and American, seen some amazing things, eaten amazing food, and had one of the best experiences of my life. It’s hard to imagine that I have already been here for two months — on one hand it feels like I have been here way longer and on the other like I just arrived.

My French has taken leaps and bounds since coming here, and yet I still feel as if I have so far to go. I am able to speak and I understand for the most part. It is still hard sometimes, and there are awkward times where the only response I can give is “je ne comprend pas, désolé” but hopefully by the end of my time here I won’t have to do that any more. I know that I wont come anywhere close to being fluent but I can definitely get more comfortable.

To change topics totally, the weather here has been amazing! Currently I am sitting in a café, the sun hitting my face as I sit on the patio, where it is 60+ degrees. Today was the first day I didn’t wear a jacket, therefore I consider it the first day of spring! (Which is a great incentive for all of you freezing in the states to come and visit). Earlier this week I relaxed in the Tuileries next to the Louvre for 2 hours and then for class walked around the original “fashion district”.

Which brings me to my classes: my architecture class is possibly the favorite class I have ever take in all my years of school. It is pretty much just a guided tour of Paris, with an amazing professor who know so much about Paris. My art history of French fashion professor is amazing, he works for Chanel and Louis Vuton. He received invites to many of the fashion week shows, I’m jealous. Sadly I am not important enough to have tickets to fashion week, but I was able to see the many activities going on outside the tents. My French classes are good, my favorite part of them is when we read in French- no surprise there, as I love reading in English and now in French. While my reading level is still that of a 3rd grader I feel accomplished when I can understand most of a story. I read the newspaper every day, because they offer a free one in the metro. They are short “readers digest” versions of the news, but perfect for my comprehension.

My homestay is great. I made him an “American meal”, that wasn’t a hamburger, and he loved it. I made chili with chocolate chip cookies. During the dinner he could not say enough good things about it, so I learned he really likes chili. I was going to cook cornbread to go with it, so I went to the store and found something called “fleur de maïs” which means corn flour, so I assumed, along with the pictures on the box that it was corn meal. But when I got home I found out it was corn starch. So my new goal is to find corn meal. Yesterday he made dinner for me, because his adopted son’s girlfriend was in town. We had duck, green beans and potatoes. His dinner, as always was amazing!

My life has become filled with phrases such as: “I’m bored — want to go to the Louvre” or “Yesterday at Versailles…” which when I look back at,  seems so crazy that I am able to say that and have it be so commonplace.  I am so happy that I chose to study abroad I look forward to letting you know more about my adventures! If these 2 months have been this great, I look forward to the other two and a half I have here.

lucas3For more of Alex’s adventures, check out his blog here!!