Spend this spring in England!


The Office of Study Abroad is accepting applications for spring semester programs–and there are a number of sites available in the United Kingdom!

Why study abroad in England?

1. History!  If you are into history, there are few places that compare to a country like the UK.  The former stomping grounds of Romans, Vikings, French invaders, German kings, the Duke and Duchess of the Royal Wedding, last year’s Olympics, Winston Churchill… the list goes on, and on, and on, and on…

2. Tea. They really do drink it. You can’t begin to understand this ages old tradition unless you visit.

3. Manchester United. Or Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelasea…. basically, any of the football (U.S. soccer) teams that have made football the most popular sport in the UK since 1860.

4. Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.  These two historic sites in London are absolutely incredible, totally worth the price of admission, and absolute must-see spots.

5. Pub culture. Spending a rainy afternoon in a pub and enjoying traditional pub food is essential to your British experience.

6. Literature? England’s literary roots run deep.  Grab a few books by the likes of Austen, Dickens, Kipling, or even Rowling and then track down sites or cities they mention.

7. Shopping. England’s High Streets are a great place to find chic clothes that you can bring back to Lawrence.  When people ask where you got that great scarf, you’ll just have to smile and say “in England.”

8. Classes taught in English!  Our study abroad programs in the UK can accommodate a number of majors, and all the classes are taught in English!

Interested? GREAT! Here are programs that are still open:

This university is ranked #8 among ALL universities in the UK.  It’s top-ranked programs include Classics, Theater, English, Geography, Environmental Science, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Sport Science, Religion, and it also has great business programs. Exeter is located west of London and is similar in size to Topeka.  It is a hot spot for history, architecture, and cultural experiences! Exeter’s history dates from the times of Vikings, but it is a modern and enjoyable city today and a wonderful university town.

Ranked #16 of all universities in the UK, the University of Birmingham is especially strong in American studies, Theater, Art History, Music, Biology, Psychology, Sport Science, and Religion.  Birmingham is the largest city outside of London in Britain and is a hot spot for for shopping and cultural activities.  It also serves as a great spot to base other travels in Europe as it has its own airport and a number of low-cost flights throughout Europe.

The University of Leeds received recognition this year for its programs in Linguistics. It offers classes in a variety of other subjects and works well for biology majors.  As a college town it has a fantastic nightlife, lots of cultural events, and great shopping. It’s a beautiful city with interesting architecture, and it is the third largest city in the UK.

The University of Kent has top-ranked programs in Theater, History, and Sociology and is based in Canterbury.  It is south east of London.  Although the Canterbury Cathedral is a major attraction, much of the city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city is famous for its landmarks.  Today it is a popular destination for tourists, but it also attracts more than 4000 students to the University of Kent.  The University sites on 300 acres of park land and is consistently ranked among the best universities in the UK.  Even Ellie Goulding attended!

East Anglia
The University of East Anglia is currently ranked #17 in the UK.  It serves a wide variety of majors, but has top-ranked programs in English, Geography, Environmental Science, and Art History. Based in Norwich, in the east of England, UEA was ranked #1 for student satisfaction in 2013. Norwich has a castle, a cathedral, and a beautiful city center. UAE has a student body of around 17,000 students.

The University of Essex has a large international student population, making it a great place to meet people from around the world.  It serves multiple majors well, but is exceptional for its Political Science classes. The University of Essex’s primary campus is in Colchester, which claims to be the oldest city in the UK.  It is located in the eastern part of England and is close to London and Stansted airport, making it a convenient base to travel to other destinations in Europe. Colchester is similar in size to Lawrence, and there are around 10,000 students enrolled at the university.