What to do & what not to do when your parents visit you abroad

There might come a time when your parents say “we really want to visit you abroad!” These seven words can cause some panic. You might have overprotective parents, weird parents, incredibly uncultured parents, or really cool parents. Either way, we all know that you can’t show them everything. You don’t want them to freak out. Here are some tips of what & what not to do when your parents visit you abroad.

Do: Show them your incredible learning environment and safe home

Oh my goodness, look how much I’m learning mom and dad! I have this beautiful school with amazing teachers and I’m learning so much. Everything is so safe and I’m having the best time ever, nothing to worry about!

Don’t: Give them an address to a sketchy back alley

There’s pretty much a sketchy nook somewhere in every city, so you probably shouldn’t dump them off there. If momma ain’t happy, nobody happy.


Do: Introduce them to your friends

These friends are probably some of the coolest people you’ll meet. You truly will be peaking. So you should probably show them these cool friends while you can.

Don’t: Make fun of them for how weird they dress in front of your friends

Hey they’re traveling, and you know that calls for some mean dad style. Embrace it and love it, and let dads be dads.


Do: Love them, give them hugs, and set them up in a nice room

They’re your parents, make them happy. You’ll most likely only get to see them for about week. They dealt with you as a baby for years, you can do it.

Don’t: Give them bedbugs at the cheapest hostel

Now is not the time to get back at your mom for grounding you your freshman year for “breathing too loud.”


Do: Show them the town during the day and night

Show them what your city is ABOUT! And make them love it as much as you do. Show them your favorite places and fun night activities.

Don’t: Get wasted and take them clubbing

Dad you’re buying drinks?!? This must be an invitation to an open bar right? As fun as this sounds, blacking out with your parents in a foreign country is probably not recommended. When you’re at home you can do you my friend, I won’t judge. But a foreign country is probably a no go. Oh, and sticky, sweaty, loud clubs might not be their vibe.


Long story short, be a good person and know your parents. Take them to places they’d like to go in your host country and have some fun. Rock Chalk.