Universities get top marks

Thinking about doing an exchange program at one of our universities abroad? 

You should be. Here’s why:

Almost all of the universities that we pair with are highly ranked throughout the world, and are very highly regarded in their countries of origin. So why not study there? Take courses from some of the distinguished faculty, explore the campuses, and enjoy all of the prestige that comes with these top universities.


ueangliaThe University of East Anglia, an old and historical university with a very strong Creative Writing program, has recently been awarded the “Student Choice Award,” from a Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey.



leicesteruThe University of Leicester, offering programs for KU students in the spring semester, is very strong in Biology and Art History among many other fields. It is ranked within the top 2% of universities in the world.



Stirling-universityThe University of Stirling in Scotland, a very popular location for KU film & media students and those studying social sciences, is the #1 university in Scotland, and the #9 university in all of the UK. Also, 23% of students here are from other countries, making it a very popular internationally-friendly university.




copenhagenThe University of Copenhagen, one of the more affordable options for exchange programs, was recently ranked 13th on the list of all universities in Europe.





hongkongDeemed the “Harvard” of Asia, the University of Hong Kong is very affordable for tuition and housing. It is ranked #1 in Hong Kong, #2 in all of Asia, and #26 in the world.





unswThe University of New South Wales, located in the Sydney metropolitan area, has well-known biology & science programs as well as Art History options. It is ranked as the 52nd university in the world.



newcastleThe University of Newcastle, sitting right on the beautiful beaches of Australia, is well-known for its engineering department. A prestigious university, it is ranked in the top 3% of world universities.



To learn more about these universities and many others that KU pairs with for exchange programs abroad, come and see us at 105 Lippincott Hall for resources and more!