Travel Size Backpacks and why you should have one!

Travel Backpacks and why you should have one!

Many people who study abroad like to take weekend excursions or spend their school breaks traveling to different countries or cities. Most times you will be limited in your luggage amount, especially if you are traveling on a budget airline or on an overnight bus. A lot of budget airlines charge an extra baggage fee if your carry on is deemed “too big”, a lot of the times it was more expensive than the ticket itself! The same can be said for some bus companies as well. The best way to combat this is to invest in a travel size backpack.

There are many different models and types offered and depending on the type of travel you are looking to do; you should invest in a different type of backpack. If you are looking to take quick weekend trips, then you should make sure you get something small and compact, if you want to spend a couple of weeks traveling on a school break then you should consider something larger. Whatever you are looking for, many companies have great options for backpacks that will allow you to adequately fit everything you need.

Below are some great options or backpack manufacturers to consider if you are doing a lot of traveling:

Osprey: comes in many different shapes and sizes, which allows flexibility in amount a backpack can hold, price, and size. It is a high-quality option that provides back support through additional straps and an even level of weight distribution. Additionally, they have straps on the outside of the backpack that allow the user to condense the size. Some models also provide space for a laptop, which is a great addition if you need to get some schoolwork done on am excursion! I personally used the Osprey Porter 46 and would highly recommend to anyone!

Marmot: similar in price to all highly recommended travel backpacks, Marmot is a great option that is still a high-quality brand. They come in different sizes, shapes and have many amenities such as being waterproof, shoulder support and adjustable straps.

Mountaintop: check out the 60L or the 40 Liter size backpack. Both provide great options depending on if you are looking for something for a long period of time, or just for weekend excursions. Mountaintop will provide you with a high-quality bag that is sure to fit all of your baggage needs!

Other notable backpack brands are: Bolang Gregory, High Sierra, Mardingtop, The North Face, REI and Wasing.

At the end of the day, I checked my local outdoorsman shop to find the perfect travel backpack for me. I know a lot of people have success at REI, Bass Pro Shop, or Dick’s Sporting Goods. These are all great places to checkout if you want to see different models before you commit to one backpack!