Top Places to Visit in Costa Rica

When you are thinking of countries with accessible travel abroad, Central America may not be the first place to come to mind. However after living in Costa Rica for nearly 7 months, I found out how affordable and accessible different towns, provinces, and countries really were. Here are my top recommendations for places to scope out shall you ever find yourself roaming around Costa Rica.


IMG_8395Monteverde is definitely a must-visit for anybody who is living the Pura Vida. It is a peaceful little town that is known for its rich biodiversity, but don’t let that fool you. Monteverde is a place filled with adventure. When I was abroad, I did the longest zip line in Latin America: 1590 meters. It also is a great place to sign up to go on a night hike and get a unique view of Costa Rica’s wildlife.






IMG_7531When I was deciding on places I wanted to travel in Costa Rica, Montezuma was at the top of my list. This city is known for its surfing, yoga, and sushi (basically my ideal get away). Some of the better-kept secrets in this town include the waterfall gardens and funky art stores. It’s a great place to wind down, reflect and have some outdoor fun.





Puerto Viejo

IMG_8452Known for its beautiful beaches and sloth reserve, Puerto Viejo is definitely one of the funkiest towns I visited in Costa Rica. The entire time I was there my friend and I rented bikes and cruised from one beach to another. Puerto Viejo is also known for its one-of-a-kind hostels. I stayed at Rocking J’s, which was a hostel made out of mosaics past guests had made. I even got a piece of Denver (my home town) when I stayed there.






IMG_7193Guanacaste is definitely a tico’s hidden treasure. It is one of the most beautiful and less touristy beach regions in the country. I visited it with my host family and stayed in their beach house during my semester abroad. However, there are plenty of hostels in the region students can stay at.






What was nice about travel in Costa Rica was everything was either a ferry or bus ride away. It’s really easy to get around and plan trips, even at the last minute. Most bus companies actually won’t sell domestic tickets until the day of departure. My recommendation to anybody traveling to Costa Rica is to visit as many towns as possible, you won’t regret it!