Summer Program Benefits


Think ahead to May. You’ve finished your spring semester and look forward to:

A. Waiting tables.

B. Making coffee at an internship.

C. Babysitting for the neighbors.


D. Studying or interning in a foreign country.

That’s right. You could be spending summer 2014 studying at a university abroad, traveling on a KU faculty-led trip, or getting real experience at an internship.

So, you think a summer program might fit you best? The applications have opened and the deadline for most programs is March 1, and for internships the deadline is February 1. Take a look at this comprehensive list of summer programs.

If we haven’t already convinced you, here are a few more benefits of studying abroad during the summer:

Shorter trips are convenient. Most summer programs are between six and eight weeks long. These are ideal for demanding, highly-structured majors that may be difficult to work in a full semester abroad. They’re also great for people highly involved in campus organizations or workplaces during the school year. Best of all, you’ll be here to watch Kansas basketball in Allen Fieldhouse.

Many summer programs are faculty-led or specialized. If you’re looking for a program specific to your major that includes classes you need, summer programs can help. KU offers Arabic studies in Morocco, theatre classes in Greece, health care and social policies in Sweden, music therapy in Thailand, and education in Italy, to name a few.

Better weather… in the Northern Hemisphere. Not to knock the holiday lights that go up worldwide in December (because they are awesome), but seriously–good weather and an opportunity to take advantage of a nice beach can definitely make your experience abroad a little more fun.  Many communities have interesting summer traditions or festivals, and longer daylight hours + sunny afternoons are a huge advantage to summer programs north of the equator.

Internships. Students can receive between one and five academic credits for a summer internship in their field of study. Locations include:

Again, applications are due February 1 for summer internships. Shortly after, applicants will be interviewed to determine experience level and interests. Almost any major can receive an internship. KU has partnered with EUSA, CAPA, and Globalinks Learning Abroad providers to offer high-quality placements. Preference will be given to juniors and seniors in good academic standing.

For any questions, please email or call the OSA main line at (785) 864-3742.