Study Abroad Panel: Answering All Those Awkward Questions



We know you have questions about studying abroad. Maybe even questions you are afraid to ask. It’s okay! Everyone wonders what it is really like to study abroad.  Next week, you can get answers to those questions! The OSA is hosting a Study Abroad Panel that features returned students.

Study Abroad Panel

Featuring Student Returnees

November 13, 7:00 p.m.

Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center

You can submit anonymous questions before it starts, ask questions over Twitter/Facebook, or just ask in person.  Some things we hope to discuss:

  1. What should you wear to blend in?
  2. How do you figure out how to get around?
  3. Is it easy to use public transportation?
  4. What’s it like to take classes in another language?
  5. How did you survive without Jayhawk Basketball?
  6. How did you get scholarships?

Have other questions? Send them to us at, over twitter @KUStudyAbroad, or on Facebook!

We can’t wait to see you at the panel!