Study Abroad Fashion: Don’t forget to check the weather!

 One of the most important things to do when picking out your outfit of the day is to check the weather. I often just assumed it was going to be cold or warm and ended up with all the wrong outfits. This won’t be any fun because you will look strange and you’ll be miserably cold or warm, so check the weather!

So, you check the weather but how does that make you prepared? Well you have to plan ahead and be ready to adapt, because sometimes weather abroad can be as strange as Kansas weather.

Take Australia for example. Below is a snapshot of weather in Melbourne, Australia. It’s been nice and warm lately, but sometimes things cool down. Weather in the 80s can change to weather in the low 60s or even 40s very quickly. You can be prepared. Instead of wearing shorts and sandals, swap that out for jeans and leave the sandals at home. Disclaimer: Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, our summer is their winter and vice versa. 

weather australia

Here’s an example of something you can wear for weather similar to that above. Since it’s summer in Australia, you can wear brighter colors and lightweight pieces. Tip: Layer your pieces. One, it’s practical. You can add or shed layers as the weather fluctuates throughout the day. Two, it’s very popular and trendy for girls (and guys) to layer.  Throw a cardigan over your button up, throw a scarf on, or add a vest to an outfit. Not only will you be fashionable, you will also be practical.

Girl Options:

Melbourne Summer Sightseeing


Guy options:
For this set, we give you a variety of tops, layers, bottoms, and shoes.  Mix and match these to match the weather and your activity. Swimming in Sydney? Grab your board shorts and maybe a sweatshirt for later and go!  Nice evening out with friends?  It’s hard to go wrong with a light-weight blazer.  Make sure you pack a few different shoe options, including at least one fairly “stylish” pair.
Adventures Down Under- Men's Edition
Before you leave, check the average temperatures of your location to get a rough idea of what types of clothing you’ll need to bring. If you are staying for an extended period of time and seasons change, make sure your closet is prepared for that (mine wasn’t ready).  Above all, pack basic pieces that can work over several different seasons and that will work with several different outfits. It will save you space for shopping–and buying your clothes abroad might be the best way to fit in.