Steps to the Perfect Program

There are tons and tons of study abroad programs available, hundreds at the University of Kansas! Not every program will fit every student, so how do you find the best fit for you?

Step 1: What’s important to YOU?

There are so many different reasons to go abroad. It’s important to figure out what is important to YOU. Here are some important factors to consider:


Classes Avaliable?

Learning a Language?


Do you want a Faculty-Led program or something more independent?

When and how long do you want to be abroad?

How adventurous are you?

Sit down and figure it all out. Make a list of the most important factors. Know who you are and what you are comfortable doing. Some locations and programs are more challenging than others and we can help you figure that out!

Step 2: Start Researching!


1410 Jayhawk Blvd

The University of Kansas Office of Study Abroad has so many great resources to help you find the perfect study abroad program. We have 5 Peer Advisors who work in the Peer Resource Library in 105 Lippincott Hall. These students have all studied abroad before and know all the program options for you! They are available for walk-ins anytime between 9 am to 5 pm during the week.

You can also start looking at our programs online. Go to our website and search for programs and learn about the different program types.

You can also email the Peer Advisors at to get answers to any question you might have!

Step 3: Narrow it down

So you have researched programs and have about 5 you are interested in? Look back at your list of important factors and see how well those match up with these programs! Come back into the Peer Library and ask them to help you narrow it down, because they’ve had to do it themselves! Remember to stay organized and not get overwhelmed with all your options!

Step 4: Get advice!

Talk to family and friends about your decision! Studying abroad is a big decision so involve the people closest to you! They might have valuable insights and opinions about what program fits you. But remember at the end of the day that you are the one studying abroad, so pick the program that YOU think is the best fit!

Step 5: Start getting ready to make the most of your experience!

Congrats! You are almost getting ready to go abroad and have one of the best experiences of your life! Now that you have picked your program it’s time to make in appointment with a Program Coordinator at our office to talk about specific details and apply! Start doing more thorough research on the country, city and university you are going to. All the prep work before hand will make it so much more enjoyable in the long run!