Picnic Spots around the World

Because it is overwhelmingly obvious that we are all already craving spring and summer weather, I felt obliged to write a blog post prodding the warmth to return.


This being said, who doesn’t love a good picnic?  Lying on a blanket in a field of grass, soaking up the sun while nibbling on some delicious snacks, possibly playing some leisurely frisbee in-between naps…are you daydreaming yet? Good, because I’ve researched and found some of the best picnic spot locations in cities around the world for you to explore, so get your picnic basket ready.


One of my favorite cities as well as a city I have actually had a picnic in, I couldn’t help but be slightly biased and start with Rome.

There are two really primo spots to enjoy nature within the fabulous city of Rome, Villa Borghese and Giardino degli Aranci.  

1. Villa Borghese gardens


This is a great park with a ton of activity options for picnic-goers. There are several entry points to this location, making it a popular destination among tourists and Romans alike. One of my favorite spots was the lake, which has a pedestrian pathway all around it as well as grassy areas. Visitors can feed ducks their leftover scraps, go on a rowboat ride, or simply relax along the side of the water.


2. Giardino degli Aranci

Giardino degli Aranci

Probably my favorite spot in Rome, this garden offers excellent views of the city and its many famous monuments from the opposite side of the river. A pathway to the lookout separates two large grassy areas where people are always hanging out and relaxing. As a bonus, the orange trees (what the garden is named after) are ridiculously photogenic and smell spectacular.



1. Park Guell

Park Guell

A park entirely designed by famously ornate architect Gaudi, a native of Spain, Park Guell offers one of the brightest and artful spots around to picnic in. Home to panoramic views of beautiful Barcelona as well as a Gaudi Museum, there is never a shortage of things to do here. If views and landmarks can’t entertain you, don’t fret — Park Guell is also known as one of the best people-watching locations in Barcelona.


2. pick a beach, any beach

Barcelona beach

A little bit of a cop-out maybe, but Barcelona has some very very gorgeous beaches that make for prime picnic locations. Beaches range from the very crowded to the remote, lending to any environment you could want. Whether you want to be surrounded by volleyball courts, drink vendors, beautiful people, or just the sound of the ocean, you can’t go wrong with a picnic on Barcelona’s beaches.



A place I’ve always wanted to visit, this feeling is only heightened by the wealth of picnic spots South Africa offers. There are places to bring your own picnic as well as places that set up the picnic for you (nice, right?).

1. Sandton Field and Study Centre

Field and Study Centre

A vastly large park, Sandton Field features options for every size group. With three playground areas, kids will be well occupied here, screaming with glee on each and every slide. Far away from these cries of young joy, grassy areas lie open for nappers and picnic groups, offering great views of the surrounding landscape as well. Running trails also weave within the park, and it is a dog-friendly area so you can count on seeing some cute pooches as well.


2. Lethabo Estate

Lethabo Estate

For those of us willing to pay for a pre-setup picnic, the Lethabo Estate is a great option. Located on the banks of the Crocodile River (no, you don’t need to worry about a croc invading your meal), the Estate offers several options for picnics, including one with a day-bed for napping as well as gourmet food. Blissful sounding? Definitely.




1. Como Pleasure Grounds


Having a playground, BBQ pits, a bike track, and extensive walking trails, Como Pleasure Grounds is pretty close to the most ideal park you can find. It also has a swimming complex for those hot spring and summer days, as well as great views of the Georges River and surrounding bushland. Small food vendors frequent the park often, meaning you can buy your picnic food there!


2. Lady Robinson Beach

Lady Robinson Beach

Located in south Sydney, Lady Robinson Beach is the city’s longest beach. It is flanked by a vast number of restaurants and small shops, all offering up local cuisine and retail specialties. Beyond the beach access, this beach offers four very popular tidal pools to wade in, which are often surrounded by grassy parks that are great for drying off and settling down for a picnic.



With all the hype leading up to the World Cup and the Olympics, people will be flocking to Brazil this summer. No worries, travelers, these great picnic spots are awaiting you!

1. Jardim Botanico

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Otherwise known as the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, this large park truly shows the beauty and diversity of Brazilian wild and plantlife. Over 6,500 species reside here, as well as six greenhouses that are open to the public. Built monuments and sculptures are also sprinkled around the garden, lending several options to visitors hoping to lay down there blanket somewhere with a great view.


2. Ibirapuera Park

Ibiripuera Park

The Central Park of Sao Paulo, Ibirepuera Park is a large urban park that houses walking and running trails, large grassy spaces, as well as a convention center. In close proximity to fabulous Brazilian cuisine, you can grab lunch to go and cozy up on the grass in this bustling urban space.



Hope this thaws out your body a bit, getting you excited for warmer weather and many picnics to come!