OSA Spotlight: Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors pictured from left to right: Cole McGregor, Emily Gregone, Courtney Moore, Emily Farnan, Jessica Rea

Peer Advisors pictured from left to right: Cole McGregor, Emily Grigone, Courtney Moore, Emily Farnan, Jessica Rea

105 Lippincott is home to the Study Abroad Resource Library as well as the workplace of the Peer Advisors. The picture above shows this year’s team of advisors. Each year the Peer Advisors are tasked with being the first line of advising for students seeking opportunities to study abroad. Their job is to help students like you who are searching for the perfect program.

The Peer Advisors are available Monday through Friday 9 AM-5 PM to provide the following services:

  • Walk-in advising (No appointment necessary!)
  • Providing informational materials such as brochures, booklets, and guides
  • Answering email questions (email your questions/concerns to osa@ku.edu)
  • Sharing their own experiences abroad
  • Speaking at your club/organization meetings

The Peer Advisors have a wide variety of majors, as well as study abroad experiences so feel free to address your emails to one of them specifically to receive more information about a particular country or program.

Cole McGregor
Language and Culture in Barcelona

Emily Grigone
Trier, Germany

Courtney Moore
Humanities and Western Civilization, Florence/Paris

Emily Farnan
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Jessica Rea
Architecture in Italy

Please visit the Peer Advisors in 105 Lippincott, they are more than willing to help you get to where you want to go!