Crossword in the UDK


Try your hand at our crossword, appearing today in the UDK!


7. This Scandinavian country will host KU students learning about health policy this summer

8. KU students won’t have to worry about a foreign language in this country, but they may have to look twice before they cross a street

9. This European country will host three summer programs for students studying architecture, social welfare, or foreign language

12. Students can gain international work experience doing one of these in London, Dublin, Madrid, Sydney, or Shanghai this summer. Applications due February 3!

13. This country in the Southern Hemisphere has exchange programs and internship programs, and is perfect for biology or engineering majors

14. KU students will visit this African nation as part of a health initiative

15. One in five KU study abroad participants is awarded one of these by the Office of Study Abroad each year

16. This Chinese city offers semester programs in English for a variety of majors, including business, education, art, and sciences


1. At J.F. Oberlin University in this Asian island nation, students can study East Asian Language and Culture in English

2. In this Catalan speaking city, students studying foreign language can stay with host families and take weekend trips to the beach

3. In this Asian country, students can study visual art and take their classes in English

4. The best university in this Central American country has been a partner with KU since 1958, forming the longest study abroad exchange in the Western Hemisphere

5. In this Eastern European country, KU students can spend a semester taking classes taught in English in a variety of subjects, including business

6. In this South American country students can spend a semester or summer learning the language or practicing tango

7. This city in China will host its first group of KU internship students this summer

10. Lawrence’s city sister in this country is Eutin

11. This nation in Great Britain offers a great opportunity for all KU students to study abroad on a semester exchange