Biology Major Options for Study Abroad


Getting Started

Biology majors can study anywhere in the world. This list includes programs that offer coursework fulfilling biology major requirements, and were selected by the Office of Study Abroad in partnership with the Undergraduate Biology Program. Visit the Office of Study Abroad website for program details and application instructions.

Why Study Biology Abroad?

Study abroad allows you to

  • Supplement the on-campus curriculum by studying topics otherwise available to KU students only from a textbook or in the classroom. SCUBA dive in the Caribbean to study marine biology.
  • Place your studies in a global context by learning from host country biologists and studying alongside host country students. Participate in an exchange in Costa Rica or Australia.
  • Experience intercultural growth and gain country-specific knowledge while preparing for a career in a health care field. Conduct fieldwork with a KU professor in a clinic in Malawi.

When to Go

With proper planning and communication with advisors, biology students can study abroad at almost any point in their degree. Those who wish to complete 400-level major credit abroad should first complete BIOL 350 and be admitted to the major.

Major Options 

  • Comprehensive institutions include the widest array of biology courses in countries including Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • Pre-health field programs include internships, coursework, research and observations in Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom.
  • Field studies offer first-hand experience in countries including Australia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.
  • Internships offer degree-specific work placements in lab research, healthcare delivery, NGOs, etc. in locations including Australia, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom.


  • Botswana – ISEP | Direct Enrollment | AY, Fall, Spring
  • Ghana – ISEP | Direct Enrollment | AY, Fall, Spring
  • South Africa – ISEP | Direct Enrollment | AY, Fall, Spring


  • Korea University – Exchange | AY, Fall, Spring


  • West Coast – GlobalLinks | SIP | Summer
  • East Coast – GlobalLinks | SIP | Summer
  • University of New South Wales – Exchange | AY, Fall, Spring
  • University of Wollongong – Direct Enrollment | AY, Fall, Spring

Central/South America

  • Costa Rica – CIEE | SIP | Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Ecuador – IES | SIP | Fall, Spring
  • Ecuador – University of Wisconsin with Ceiba | SIP | Spring
  • Peru – KU Faculty-led | Summer


  • Denmark – DIS | Direct Enrollment | Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Ireland – University of Cork | Exchange | AY, Fall, Spring
  • UK – University of Birmingham | Exchange | AY, Spring
  • UK – University of Leeds | Exchange | AY, Fall, Spring, Summer
  • UK – University of Leicester | Exchange, Direct Enrollment | AY, Fall, Spring

Related Opportunities

Short-term program options offer limited credit toward specific biology major requirements.

Summer Internships

Placements include healthcare-related fields, research and lab activities. Earn junior- and senior-level elective credit for professional experience during a six-week summer program in Dublin, London, Madrid, Sydney or Shanghai.

Summer Language Programs

Language instruction at various levels during a four to eight-week summer program.

Arabic, Croatian, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Miskitu, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukranian