Best Art Galleries and Museums in Prague

I’m a huge art and museum junkie, I jump at any opportunity to check out a new one. Prague is a city full of history, architecture, good food, and extraordinary art. It has something for every kind of traveler. I did the EUSA Prague internship in the Summer of 2019. I was assigned to work at an art gallery where I would be the marketing intern. On the weekends I didn’t travel and chose to stay in Prague, I would get my roommates to go to a few museums with me. Here are four of my favorites.

1. The Communism Museum

This museum is located in the urban city center area of Prague. The history throughout the building is fascinating; it takes you through the history of communism in the Czech Republic. It’s relatively cheap and offers student discounts as well! It is so easy to spend hours in this building.

2. Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia

This convent from the 1200s has been repurposed into an extension of the National Gallery of Prague. All of the exhibits and artifacts in the museum are from churches and monasteries from medieval times. Walking around is almost surreal; it’s incredible to think the building and all that’s inside has been around for centuries.

3. DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

This art gallery was down the street from my apartment complex. I would always walk past and see the giant blimp on the roof and wonder what it was. Many of the pieces inside the gallery are there to create social conversation and really make you think. The blimp is actually a giant room where guest speakers give lectures or authors speak about their books. The gallery is quite far from the city area but if you make it out to District 7, it’s worthwhile.

4. The National Museum

This museum is located right in the middle of Wenceslas Square, a popular shopping and tourist hot spot. The National Museum has many permanent exhibits that display the history of Prague and the Czech Republic. I got to see exhibits about the Velvet Revolution and the reconstruction of the building. The architecture is gorgeous and the gardens around the area are beautiful. Student discounts are offered as well!