A Beginner’s Guide to International Travel

As the summer approaches, we know that many study abroad students are beginning to form travel plans. Over the next few weeks our staff is going to join forces to write a guide to backpacking and international travel.

In this series, we will be covering topics ranging from what to pack to the best sites of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We’ll recommend our favorite destinations, give you clues about what to skip, and help guide you through the travel planning process.


Travel Advice
How To Choose Where to Travel
Finding Your International Flight
Backpack Basics
Health & Wellness Abroad
Study Abroad Fashion 101
Fashion Abroad–Check the Weather!
Solo Travel
ISIC Cards
Imbibing Abroad: Drinking Safely Abroad

Backpacker’s Guide to Munich
Backpacker’s Guide to Tuscany
Backpacker’s Guide to Prague
Backpacker’s Guide to Venice
Backpacker’s Guide to the Almafi Coast 
Backpacker’s Guide to South Africa
 Backpacker’s Guide to Barcelona
Backpacker’s Guide to Malta
Backpacker’s Guide to the Cinque Terre
Backpacker’s Guide to Singapore

If you are looking for advice or have specific questions about a location, send us your questions at osa@ku.edu. We’d love to help.