“An Evening in Roma” by Elizabeth Chaney



On an evening in Roma, you can learn many things.

On an evening in Roma, you should quickly learn that the Euro value is NOT equivalent to that of the dollar.

On an evening in Roma, you learn that the first time you go to the grocery store you will have absolutely zero idea what you’re buying.

On an evening in Roma, you find yourself slowly learning your way back to your home around the winding back streets of the Colosseum.

On an evening in Roma, you may even find yourself missing your family and the comfort of your home.

On an evening in Roma, you find yourself immersed in the craziness of Italian culture, and may even find yourself taking the time to listen to the accordion players that line the cobblestone streets.

On most evenings in Roma, you eat 80% of your body weight in carbohydrates.

On an evening in Roma you may find yourself being able to give someone directions to get to somewhere that you yourself had no idea of a month ago (and you may even be able to do it in Italian!)

On other evenings in Roma, you hope you’ll never have to decode another word of Italian in your life.

On an evening in Roma, you make friends with your doorman, and it really comes in handy when you forget your keys.

On an evening in Roma, you learn what it means to stop trying to control everything and let life run its course

On an evening in Roma, you stop missing home, and start embracing the fact that you are a 10 minute walk away from watching the sun set over the Vatican in Saint Peter’s Square.

On an evening in Roma, you convince yourself that it really is okay to have another gelato in a 24 hour period because the cups really are SO small.

On an evening in Roma, you drink a touch too much wine with the wonderful people that you only met four months ago, but who will forever leave their hand prints on your heart.

On an evening in Roma, you learn all the small blessing and conveniences you are surrounded by at home, and you learn to never take those for granted again.

On an evening in Roma, you realize how fortunate you are to be a traveler, experiencing new worlds and cultures that will forever change the way you see the world around you.

On an evening in Roma, you find yourself becoming more tolerant and open to new cultures, new people, new ideas, and a new way of living.

After many evenings in Roma, it is time to say goodbye to the 34 people who were strangers in September, but now share the unbreakable bond of having gone through this terrifyingly beautiful experience alongside you.

After many evenings in Roma, you find yourself awakened by a 4:00 a.m. alarm clock that means its time to say goodbye to your many evenings in Roma, and head back to the home you came from.

And after many evenings in Roma, your time is finished, four months have passed, and although you’re not entirely sure how, you know this experience has changed your mindset, character, and life, in unthinkable ways.

*And with this, comes the official end to Roman Noodlez. Thank you, my few faithful readers, for keeping up with my adventures over the last four months. I know you’re wondering what you’re gonna do now without my weekly dose of comedy in your life, but we can get through the withdrawals together. I should probably disable this WordPress so someone else can take the creative blog name on their Roman adventure, but who am I kidding, no one is as creative and funny as I am.

All of this being said, after four months here I have one piece of advice… TRAVEL. Get out there! You’ve got a whole world to see, and not a whole lot of time to see it. Sacrifice your money, time, and comfort and GET OUT OF THE PLACES YOU’VE BEEN YOUR WHOLE LIFE. It will be scary, difficult, and one of the most rewarding experiences you could give yourself. It will change the way you see the world, other people, and yourself.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” -Mark Twain