A Day in the Life… of a Peer Advisor


As peer advisors, we often are the first contact that students meet with in our office. Our primary responsibility is to advise all walk-in appointments. The students who we talk to are at various stages in the study abroad application and decision process. We love to help the people we meet with research opportunities to go abroad, as well as provide them with resources to help them learn more about the logistics of the process. We value establishing connections with students and sharing our own stories to encourage others to have an international education experience.

The rest of the things we do vary from day to day. We are very involved in promoting study abroad events on campus and our walk-in advising services. A peer advisor will typically make a few class visits each week and present on various study abroad opportunities. The consistent amount of public speaking that a peer advisor does makes it impossible to feel nervous to give a class presentation ever again! Some of the events we promote throughout the semester include study abroad fairs, info sessions and other international focused meetings.  Peer advisors have the opportunity to be creative and come up with advertisements and social media campaigns. We also get to do a lot of writing- whether responding to emails or posting stories onto our Jayhawks Abroad blog.

We have the opportunity to work on a lot of fun projects for the office, but it is not overwhelming by any means! To break it down for you, here is the “typical” day of a peer advisor. (Most students do not work 9-5, but this gives you an idea of what a typical day/week is like!):

9 a.m.: Arrive in office, say hello to Melody! Turn up the 90’s jams.

9:15: Answer student emails and catch up with one of our beloved program coordinators.

10 a.m.: Give an informative class presentation, which includes a great joke that you will go home and tell your roommates about when you are reminding them of how awesome your job is.

11 a.m.: Explore campus and hang up posters promoting one of our events.

12 p.m.: Get to meet with and advise prospective students on all of our killer study abroad opportunities.

1 p.m.: Collaborate with the other peer advisors and talk about new ways we can improve as a team!

2 -5 p.m.: Based on how you feel that day! Maybe you will be inspired to start a new photo project or blog post. It’s flexible depending on what is going on in the office.

The “typical” peer advisor is passionate about study abroad, personable, open-minded, patient, driven and excited to help recruit prospective students. Working at the Office of Study Abroad as a peer advisor is one of the most fun jobs on campus! You have the opportunity to exercise your strengths as an individual and collaborate with the other peers to contribute to the ongoing success of the office.

Apply now to be a study abroad peer advisor! Click here to learn more: https://studyabroad.ku.edu/work-study-abroad