Study Abroad (Made Easy)

So, you’ve walked past our posters, looked at our photos on Facebook, and heard someone give a presentation in your class. You’re interested, but not committed. You keep thinking “Studying abroad sounds fun, but right now I’m hungry. Where’s my Pizza Shuttle?”. Or maybe you are at home, watching highlights from the KU game, thinking “Where would I even go? Too much thinking involved! More cereal!”.  Maybe last night was a little too much fun, and now you’ve got a headache and writing an essay sounds like a lot of trouble. Or perhaps you, being a diligent student, are hanging out at Java Break, reading for class, and stressing about how you’d ever finish your application to go abroad by the deadline when you have 19 student org meetings, 3 tests to study for, an article to write, three internships to apply for, and an online class Blackboard comment board that is demanding your attention.

Pause. Take a breath. We can do this.

The dirty little secret about study abroad is that we WANT you to go. We don’t want it to be hard. We want MORE students to study abroad. It’s not some super competitive secret society. We have a lot of programs, and we have a lot of programs with spots still available. You can 100% go abroad this year. Here’s how:

1. Come to our office this week. Seriously. We’re nice people. We don’t smell. Come to Room 105 in Lippincott Hall (across from Fraser), and we’ll walk you through program options. You can walk in and say “I want to study abroad. Maybe. Not sure. Help.” We won’t laugh. We won’t even pause. We’ll just… help. It’s what we do.

2. After we’ve sorted through programs and shown you what classes you can take abroad and how much it costs, you’ll want to meet with the program coordinator. They can answer your specific questions, like “How do I get to class?”, “Where will I live?”, “Where’s the nearest gym so I can stay buff?”, and “How do I get SnapChat to work abroad?”. Talk it out with them, and see if this is something you want to do.

3. Start your application. It’s online. It’s EASY. You need to get us an unofficial transcript, answer an essay question, and fill out some simple questions, like “What’s your name?” and “What’s your major?”. You can get help with the essay question at the writing center, but seriously: Don’t over-think it. We want to know that you are a competent student, but we’re not looking for Pulitzer Prize winning articles. Just an essay.

4. You’ll need two recommendations. Ask a professor, an advisor, or maybe your boss. You can send them the forms online. You could do everything wearing pajamas and watching the Daily Show. This isn’t complicated.

5. If you need financial aid, fill out the FAFSA and submit an application for scholarships. That’s also easy, especially since scholarships are essentially free money to help you go abroad.

6. Turn it all in. Online. It’s simple. We can help! Ask us your questions, send us your emails, call us, whatever you need to do. We’re ready when you are. You can do this!

Need help? Email us at Applications are due March 1.