Top 10 Useful Travel Sites For Europe

by Lindsey Roesti

1) – No matter where in Europe you travel this will most likely be the cheapest airline by far.

2) – This will probably be the second cheapest, but it has more destination places than Ryanair does.

3) – A wonderful hub that puts all the cheap flights together for you to compare. I used it for so many flights.

4) – For train tickets throughout Europe if you’d rather not fly.

5) – Bus tickets throughout Europe.. PRINT YOUR TICKETS THOUGH!! I speak from experience….

6) – Cheap bus tickets throughout the UK.

7) – Train tickets for travel throughout the UK.

8) – Your best friend for cheap living all around Europe. I used this to book places to stay for every single trip I went on.

9) – Really cool and cheap pre-planned student tours throughout Europe.

10) – You’re going to get a little homesick. Download Skype to talk with friends and family to keep you sane.


Sally Carmichael did an internship in London over the summer of 2013.