10 Foods to Try in Australia

  1. Vegemite – I haven’t met one foreigner that has liked it, but it’s worth the try.
  2. Meat pies –Any kind of meat, any way you want it. Super cheap, too.
  3. Kebabs – The best late night meal you will ever have. Yes, it is better than Fuzzy’s or cream cheese pizza.
  4. Kangaroo – Think of kangaroo like deer in the U.S., it comes in many different styles.
  5. Tim Tams – The absolute best biscuit (cookie) you’ll ever have.
  6. Potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce – This combination is mouth-watering! I wouldn’t attempt if you’re on a diet, it’s addicting.
  7. Chicken Schnitzel – Very simple meal, but very tasty and versatile.
  8. Chicko Roll – A Chinese egg roll taken to a whole new level.
  9. Australian BBQ – The best grilled sausage on a toasted piece of bread you can imagine.
  10. Lamingtons – A yummy chocolate pound cake that gets your chocolate fix for the day.

Sam Krebs studied abroad in Sydney, Australia during the summer of 2013.