Spend a Semester in the Dragon Kingdom

Imagine walking to class every day surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, hiking past Buddhist monasteries nestled into the mountainside on the weekends, and experiencing the monthly tshechu festivals in the small alpine nation of Bhutan.  Through API‘s new Direct Enrollment and Internship Program at the Royal Thimphu College, you can take classes and participate in an internship in this developing nation while experiencing life in a country very few Americans have visited.  Open to any major, this program is particularly well suited to anyone wishing to study Buddhist culture, sustainable development, and gain real-world experience in preparation for a career in government or the nonprofit sector.

Archery contest in Bhutan


Key Features:

CREDIT – students will earn 12-15 semester credit hours while taking classes with Bhutanese students in environmental studies, sustainable development, and Dzongkha language while participating in a supervised internship program with a local or international NGO

DURATION – students can spend either their spring or fall semesters in Bhutan or, for the adventurous, an academic year option is available as well

LIVING – participants on this program live with Bhutanese students in a dormitory, experiencing a taste of daily life in this fascinating country

PREREQUISITES – applicants must be at the sophomore level or above and possess a GPA of 2.75 or higher, no language experience is required

LANGUAGE OF STUDY – participants will be taking most of their classes in English and will have the chance to learn the official language of Bhutan, Dzongkha

Dance of the Lord of Death during Bhutanese festival


For more information, you can visit API’s website here.  Otherwise, stop by the Study Abroad Info Center in 105 Lippincott anytime from 9am-5pm if you have more questions about this program or any other.  We can give you more information on all of your study abroad options, discuss scholarship and financial aid information, and give you the resources to do your own research on study abroad.  Take advantage of all that KU has to offer – go abroad!