Okayama University in Japan

The application deadline for this program has been extended to November 1, 2013.


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Academic Program

Japanese language courses are offered at all levels.

Program participants also study EALC and non-EALC related courses in English from the EPOK program.

Program dates for the Academic Year are early October to early August and early April to early August for the Spring Semester. It is not possible to study at Okayama University during the Fall semester since Okayama’s Fall semester finishes after KU’s Spring semester begins. 

Okayama Course Equivalencies


Okayama University is a national university with a student population of 14,000. Okayama City is situated in the southern half of Japan and has a population of about 700,000.  Okayama is known for its mild and sunny climate, and is home to many historic and tourist attractions such as Korakuen Gardens, Okayama’s “Crow” Castle and Kibitsu Shrine.


Students stay at Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students of Okayama University. The Dormitory is on campus and is a 10 minute walk to the Okayama International Center.


Preference will be given to students who have a 3.0 GPA and two years of university Japanese language courses or the equivalent. Non-EALC majors with less than 2 years of Japanese are eligible to apply for the program.

Visit the KU Office of Study Abroad website for more details.