Internships in Shanghai

Gain real-world working experience in Shanghai.


Program Highlights

Shanghai is one of the world’s largest cities and one of its most important centers for business and trade. An internship in China will improve your language skills, provide you with valuable contacts in China, and teach you how Chinese businesses work.

Internships can be arranged in almost any field, including business, international trade, NGOs, PR, communication, finance, accounting, hospitality, advertising, film, and IT.

All internships will be conducted in English, so no previous language knowledge is required. However, optional weekly Mandarin language are available for an additional fee.

Internship placements will be four days per week for approximately 32 hours per week for a total of 224 consecutive hours. Typically the schedule will be Monday – Thursday or Tuesday – Friday.


Students are housed in single-gender apartments or studios. It is not common for there to be stoves or ovens – there may only be a rice cooker and electric wok. Cookery, linens, and WiFi are provided.


Applications are due February 3, 2014. Acceptance notification will be February 10, 2014.

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