Environmental Studies of India


Western Ghats

Get real-world experience doing field work and other activities in southern India this summer! 


A 6 week summer study abroad program that takes place in the Western Ghats mountains of southern India. The focus of this program is conservation biology which will highlight the collision between modern society and the natural habitat. Students will stay in field research stations  on or near National Parks, visit local villages, speak with local conservationists and scientists, and discover the rich culture and history of southern India.


The program is directed by Dr. Geentanjali Tiwari and Dr. Robert Hagan, KU faculty members. Undergraduate students will enroll in 2 courses:

EVRN 460/BIOL 418, Field Ecology (3 credits)

EVRN 420/BIOL 420, Environmental Issues in India (3 credits)

Graduate students on the program will be enrolled in EVRN 720, Conservation Biology in India (6 credits). Graduate students will participate in the same fieldwork and activities, but there will be additional assignments that give emphasis to topics relevant to their graduate degree program.


Field work in India


Open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students from any accredited US college or university. All students should have completed 1 year college-level course in environmental science or biology.




End of May to Early July. There will be on-campus meetings prior to departure that will count towards the courses.



Apply here! Applications are due March 1st, 2014.