Say “Manahoana” to a health-focused summer in Madagascar

MDG : health spending in Africa : pediatric malaria ward in Butare, Rwanda

Are you looking for a study abroad experience that ties into your desire to learn more about the health profession?

How about a program that allows you to explore a unique and diverse community?

Well, SIT has a program that could be a really great fit for you…and it’s in Madagascar.  Madagascar – the country that is every bit as beautiful as they show in the popular animated film.


However, Madagascar has a truly multifaceted cultural life that extends well beyond the country’s beauty  – as evidenced through its varied medical sector that equally represents both traditional as well more modernized medicinal techniques.

SIT’s Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Systems program helps students explore this nation’s emphasis on vernacular medicine, helping them to better see the various similarities and differences between the traditional model in Madagascar and the modernized systems we are more familiar with in the United States.


Key Features:

CREDIT – students will earn 9 credit hours on this program while taking a course on Malagasy language and two healthcare-based courses

DURATION – the program takes place for 7 weeks over the summer, from June 9th to July 23, 2015.

LIVING  – students will be staying with a Malagasy family in the town of Antananarivo for the majority of their time in Madagascar, with a period of ten days spent staying in rural Andasibe

PREREQUISITES  –  none, except students with French will get to practice their French proficiency quite a bit.

LANGUAGE OF STUDY  –  beyond the required Malagasy course, all courses will be taught in English. As noted above, however, the secondary language of this country is French, so a knowledge of French could be beneficial.


So, want to learn more?

Find more information on SIT’s website here